Jan. 11th, 2018 Daily Sports article translation- [The 32nd GDA] How the Grand Prize for Album was Selected

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[The 32nd GDA] How the Grand Prize for Album was Selected

The 32nd Golden Disc Awards put the fairness as the top priority value and selected winners. The glory of grand prize went to BTS.

The album section was based on the sales accumulation (based on Gaon) from December of 2016 to November of 2017. Drama O.S.T albums were excluded from the main prize (bonsang) and grand prize (daesang) evaluation.

Albums containing over six tracks except intro, outro and instrumental tracks were on a shortlist. If an artist released several tracks or albums, only the most selling album was a subject of screening.

The total point was the sum of album sales (80%) and professionals screening (20%) same as the digital song section. The definition of one album is the main tracks, release date are the same and manufactured and distributed in Korea. If it’s a non-Korean language album, it’s added to the total sales if it meets the condition.

A repackaged album that meets the criteria of screening, it’s considered as a separate album and screened like other albums.

The operation committee explained, “if a repackaged album meets all criterias for screening such as having more than 6 new tracks, we evaluated just like other albums. It means if the repackaged album sold more, an artist can win the award with the repackaged one.”

As a result, BTS ‘LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘HER’ (1.49M copies sold) earned the highest point in sales. 1.49M copies in sales is the highest selling record in 16 years since god’s 4th album in 2001. The 2nd place was EXO’s 4th album ‘The War’ with sales of 1.08M copies. Upon the operation committee’s decision, it’s the sum of Korean and Chinese versions since both album’s tracks and release date are the same and manufactured in Korea.

BTS also dominated the judge’s point. 30 professional judges were a music program PD, radio PD, music critic, domestic music distribution staff, pop music reporter and Golden Disc committee member. BTS received 290 points out of 300 points which is the highest point. EXO received 211 points and won the 2nd place. BTS also earned 26 votes from the short-answer question asked to the 30 professional judges.

The GDA operation committee said “the music market is changing rapidly and the way and format of releasing an album are changing variously. The GDA will keep the screening system reflecting a trend and flow flexibly under the dominant principle of fairness.

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